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My name is Tracey Gordon and I am a freelance photographer based in the Orkney Islands.  I specialise in product and property photography but I also do family, pet and equine portraits.    In addition to this, I sell framed prints and cards to order.  I like to combine my people and technical skills to get the best outcome, ensuring my clients receive that photographs they desire. 

My Story

Photography has been a passion of mine since a very young age, when I loved to photograph the beautiful Orkney scenery, my pets, family occasions, and days at pony club.  I should have known then that I was destined to take this hobby further.  Around 14 years ago, whilst living in Aberdeenshire, I bought my first DSLR camera and in order to learn how to use it,  I took on "A Photo a Day" challenge for one year.  The challenge put me in the position where I would have to deal with all weathers, all light settings (indoor and outdoors) meaning that I had to learn very quickly about how to deal with all sorts of scenarios.  I did this along with a very experience photographer (Jim) from whom I learned so much.  He still continues to do "A Photo A Day" to this day.  I continued to work full-time as an IT Project Manager, but kept the photography hobby very much alive - mostly taking photographs for friends and family.  I moved back to the Orkney Islands in 2019 and during lockdown, a few people suggested that I do the "Doorstep Lockdown Challenge" where I photographed families on their doorstep, in aid of a local charity to allow them to look back at the strange times we were going through.  I was fortunate enough to meet some inspiring people which led me onto some amazing opportunities.  It was at this point, I decided to take the hobby that I was very passionate about, to a commercial level.


I have had the opportunity to work with the most amazing and inspiring local businesses, creating their product and property photography.  I love to meet with them to hear their stories which then gives me inspiration to ensure that their story forms part of my photography.  Good quality photographs are key for selling online, as this is the "shop window" for the Customer.   My photographs show sharp, bright and airy photos, showing both individual pieces as well as styled shots which are eye-catching, inviting the customer to look further.  I have had fantastic feedback from my clients who have stated that their photographs have boosted their sales.  Have a look at the Products section of my web page for further information and samples.

I have also met some lovely families for whom I have been able to provide family photographs  in a location of their choice, something they can cherish for years to come.

Being an animal lover, particularly on the Equine side means that any opportunity to photograph horses and pets is always something I really look forward to.   I have been around horses all my life and have 2 of my own, so my equine knowledge lends itself to this type of photography.  I recently had the opportunity to photograph a one week old foal, such a delight.

Thank you for reading my story and visiting my website.

Tracey x

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